Dallas Substitute Teacher Caught Cursing, Yelling At Student (Video)


A father is upset after a Dallas substitute teacher was caught on video (shown below) yelling at his son in a profanity-laced shouting match on Monday.

Mark Schaefer, 68, was substituting at Skyline High School in Dallas, Texas, when he engaged in verbal altercation with junior student Eric Malone.

One student recorded the interaction with a cellphone.

“Students had told me that he started saying racial slurs,” Malone told Fox 4 News, “that he said, ‘Little black kid.’ And I asked him, I asked did he say ‘little black kid’? And he said, ‘Yes, I probably did say it and I probably said worse.’”

As the discussion continued, it escalated into an argument between the two.

Schaefer can be heard threatening to “put a cap” in Malone’s father.

“If he wants to mess with me, I will, yeah,” Schaefer says in the video.

Schaefer then curses at the student.

“If you want to [expletive] with me, I’ll show you what’s time it is in Detroit, [expletive] Michigan right [expletive] now,” he says.

“You got something to [expletive] say?” He asks after Malone replies, “OK.”

He is then informed by Malone that he is being recorded, to which he responds, “Go ahead and record me, [expletive].”

The exchange was disconcerting to Malone as well as the school district.

“The substitute teacher shouldn’t work in DISD [Dallas Independent School District], shouldn’t work as a teacher anywhere,” Malone’s father, Eric Malone Sr., told Fox 4 News, “’cause you know if he does it here, then he’ll go elsewhere and do the same thing."

The school district has since released a statement saying: “The behavior of the substitute was completely inappropriate. Once school administrators learned of the incident, he was removed from campus and will not be invited to return. We have much higher expectations for our staff.”

Malone's father says he plans to file charges against Schaefer. The principal reportedly called and apologized to the father, saying that the substitute teacher was immediately fired on Monday.

Source: FOX, Dallas Sun-Times

Photo Credit: FOX


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