'Dallas' Star Jared Martin Dead At 75


Actor Jared Martin has died at age 75.

The actor, best known for his role as Dusty Farlow on the successful 1980s soap opera "Dallas," died of pancreatic cancer on May 24 at his Philadelphia home, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Martin roomed with director Brian De Palma at Columbia University. He appeared in the first and third movie of De Palma's filmmaking career: the 1968 mystery/crime film "Murder a la Mod," and the 1969 romance flick "The Wedding Party."

Martin also had two starring roles on two Sci-Fi television series: 1977's "The Fantastic Journey" and a 1988-1990 adaptation of "War of the Worlds."

In 1979, Martin landed the role of Steven "Dusty" Farlow on the CBS primetime soap opera, "Dallas." He played the adoptive son of Clayton Farrow, who was played by Howard Keel.

"They brought Dusty Farlow on to make goo-goo eyes at Sue Ellen [Linda Gray], become moderately involved with her, tempt her and then she basically remembered who she was and went back to J. R. [Larry Hagman]," Martin said a few years ago during an interview with a "Dallas" fan site.

Martin's character, who was nicknamed "Lusty Dusty" by fans, was incinerated during a plane crash. J. R. was shot by an unknown assailant and that's when viewer polls and Las Vegas oddsmakers picked Dusty as the favorite to the question, "Who shot J. R.?"

"Dallas" producers then got to work on a way to bring Dusty back.

"My agent said, 'Get ready, they are going to bring you back,'" Martin recalled. "I said, 'How? I'm dead.' My agent says, 'Oh, this is Hollywood, they will think of something.'"

While Dusty made a miraculous return, his injuries left him paralyzed from the waist down, and confined to a wheelchair.

"He was being nursed back to health by an extremely beautiful woman. That was something America kind of wanted to see at the time; don't ask me why, but they did," Martin said. "So I came from being very much of an episodic television actor to being part of the most successful and fabulous series ever to have been known to humankind."

Martin grew up in New York City, according to Famous Birthdays. He was the son of cartoonist Charles E. Martin and artist Florence Martin. He was married three times. His first two marriages were to Nancy Fales and Carol Vogel; he married his third wife, Chinese dancer Yu Wei, in 2000.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Famous Birthdays / Photo credit: eBay item via Wikimedia Commons

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