Dallas School District Planning on Banning Tucked-in Shirts, Thinks Students Look Healthier without Them

A Dallas school district is considering disallowing tucked-in shirts because they believe wearing a shirt untucked can better hide an obese student's belly.

Currently, Dallas ISD has a tucked-in shirt requirement, but now they are considering the fact that it can highlight overweight children's physiques, drawing negative attention to their midsection. 

Though they did not actually use the word "overweight" in their memo, they used language that suggests the ban is due to body types.

"For a middle-school student, it could be a self-esteem issue if they are made to tuck in their shirt because if they wear it loose, their healthiness might not show as much," Board President Lew Blackburn said.

The discussion also involved the banning of leggings, shirts that show mid-drifts, and earrings on boys.

"They should be banned," Bernadette Nutall said. "Boys should not be wearing earrings."

But freshman board member Dan Micciche said he didn't understand why they were spending so much time talking about the school's dress code.

"I can't believe that this is actually a board policy…I just think it's way too detailed," he said.

Sources: Inquisitr,Dallas Observer


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