Dallas Police Shooter Identified (Photos)


The Dallas police shooting suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Dallas-area resident Micah X. Johnson.  

Mic.com reports that Johnson was killed by police after a tense, hours-long standoff with officers.  According to Dallas police, negotiations with Johnson broke down, so officers sent in a robot armed with a bomb which detonated, killing Johnson and ending the threat he posed.  

In a press conference, Dallas police chief David Brown told reporters that the suspect "wanted to kill officers.  And he expressed killing white people, killing white officers, he expressed anger for Black Lives Matter." 

Johnson is a former U.S. Army Reservist.  His Facebook page shows images of the Black Power movement.  

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Johnson told police negotiators the “end is coming” and said he wanted to “kill more” officers, according to Brown.  Brown also said they want to ensure “that everyone associated with this tragic is brought to justice. … We won’t expand on any further on what other suspects we have interviewed or looked at or their status until we get further into this investigation and get closer to a conclusion of who are all involved.”

According to Heavy.com, the suspect reportedly told police that he was acting alone and not affiliated with any organizations.  He also told police that he had planted several explosives around the city of Dallas.  Officials have yet to find any such explosive devices. 

“Police officers are guardians of this great democracy, the freedom to protest, the freedom of speech, the freedom of expression, all freedoms we fight for with our lives, it’s what makes us who we are as Americans,” Brown said. “So we risk our lives for those rights, so we won’t militarize our policing standards, but we will do it in a much safer way every time.”

The Dallas police shootings come on the heels of two racially-charged incidents involving police shootings of black men, one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and one in a Minnesota suburb.  The protest in Dallas was organized as a response to those shootings. 

“We are not going to let a coward who would ambush police officers change our democracy. We’re not going to do it. Our city, our country is better than that,” Brown said.

Sources: Heavy, Mic / Photo credit: Facebook via Heavy

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