Dallas Police Officer Who Shot Mentally Ill Man Fired (Video)


The Dallas police officer who shot a mentally ill man and was caught on tape in the act was fired, according to the Dallas Police Department.

Officer Cardan Spencer reported that 52-year-old Bobby Gerald Bennett, who suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, lunged at him with a knife before he shot the man. However, a neighbor’s surveillance camera shows Bennett did not move toward Spencer when he arrived at the scene.

Bennett was charged with aggravated assault, though the charges were dropped when Spencer’s report came under question.

Spencer had been on leave of absence while an investigation into his actions was underway.

Police Chief David Brown announced Thursday that Spencer was charged in the incident, but that a judge declined to sign a warrant, so the case will go to jury.

"Officers are not above the law," Brown said. "We as a police department are not going to look the other way."

George Milner, the Bennett family attorney, said Bennett was shot in cold blood.

"What happened 10 days ago should have never have happened in the first place,” Milner said, “and I want to make sure it never happens again."

Milner added that it was impossible for Spencer not to be charged with a crime.

Sources: CBS News, ABC News


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