Mom Says Her Call For Help Ignored By Cop, Resulting In The Death Of Kidnapping Suspect (Video)

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A Dallas police officer is on administrative leave after a Monday car chase ended in the deadly shooting of a man that had just kidnapped his own children at gunpoint from his estranged girlfriend. 

The girlfriend, Miesha Kilson, told WFAA that the chase might never have happened if police Cpl. Les Richardson had stopped to help her when she flagged him down as the kidnapping was taking place.

Kilson’s boyfriend, Steven Douglas, 29, eventually took the children and led police on a car chase that ended with him crashing his vehicle. Douglas fled the scene on foot. Moments later he was shot by Dallas Police Officer Rogelio Moreno, according to NBC-DFW

“Suspect Douglas began to stumble as he passed a car parked at a service island. His momentum carried him into the middle service bay,” a police statement describing the shooting read. “As he was stumbling, he pointed a small caliber pistol directly at Officer Moreno. Officer Moreno discharged his weapon, resulting in suspect Douglas' death.”

Prior to that, though, Kilson said she tried to get an officer to prevent the kidnapping. Douglas had just rammed her car with his vehicle and was trying to get to his children in the back seat of the immobilized car, according to The Dallas Morning News.

She said Douglas was wielding his gun at the time.

“He (Douglas) reached into the windows, pulls it out,” Kilson told KDFW. “And as the window exploded in my face, I actually thought he shot it; I didn't know at the time. But I did see his hands up and he pulled (the window) out. And I looked over, and as I looked up out that passenger window, I swear I saw an angel ‘cause I saw a police car right at my car.”

The officer in the car was Richardson. 

"What's going on?" he asked, according to Kilson.

"I was yelling, 'Get him! Get him!' I looked, and (Richardson) sped off. He sped off and never came back … he left me there,” she said.

Police said they confirmed Richardson, 61, was at the scene after reviewing dash cam footage from his patrol car. He is now on administrative leave pending a possible investigation.

Richardson’s attorney, Tom Pappas, said he was sure the his client’s name would be cleared. 

“He hasn’t done anything wrong,” he said.

Sources told WFAA that Richardson was responding to a burglary call at the time and advised Kilson to call 911 before driving off. 

Douglas’ mom, Rene Douglas, believes her son would still be alive if Richardson had stopped and tried to help before the situation escalated further.

“I'm upset about that, because something could have been done about that,” she said. “They didn't have to do that.”

Kilson agreed.

“I never thought my kids would lose their daddy. Not like that … not so early,” she said.

Sources: WFAA, NBC-DFW, The Dallas Morning News, KDFW

Photo Source: YouTube, Flickr


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