Dallas Judge Warns Residents Not to Stop Undocumented Immigrants (Video)


Hundreds of undocumented immigrant children will soon be housed in the Lamar Alternative Education Center in Dallas, Tx.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is warning local U.S. citizens that the law will crack down on them if they try to obstruct the transfer of undocumented immigrants to the city (video below).

Judge Jenkins recently went door-to-door in a neighborhood near the Lamar Alternative Education Center and warned residents that Dallas police officers will not allow anyone to block any immigrant buses as protesters did last week outside a Murrieta, Calif. Border Patrol station.

“As long as they make their statement in keeping with the law,” Judge Jenkins told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. “This is America and everybody is entitled to an opinion. If they break the law or impede the care of these children, then we’ll enforce the law.”

Judge Jenkins did not mention enforcing any immigration laws.

Last week, Judge Jenkins announced that about 2,000 undocumented immigrant children would be coming to Dallas and staying at three different locations, reported the Dallas Morning News.

Sources: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth and Dallas Morning News


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