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Dallas High School Recalls Yearbooks After Cheerleader’s Name is Changed to ‘Ugly Hoe’

A school in Irving, Texas, may be looking for a new yearbook copy editor.

Irving High School students will have to wait a few more weeks to get their yearbook after someone changed a student's name to, wait for it, Ugly Hoe.

The Irving School District said on Friday afternoon that it had determined a student tampered with the file before it was sent to the printer. The district originally said the yearbook, which was proofread by both student and faculty staff, had been correct when it was sent to the printer.

The district pulled hundreds of freshly printed yearbooks as a result. In the book, under the group photo of the junior varsity cheerleaders, one girl’s name has been removed and she was identified only asUgly Hoe.

The district said that about a dozen books had been handed out to students before the offense was discovered. All of the books were recovered by the district.

A district spokeswoman told WFAA that the district is investigating and will punish the culprit to the full extent of the student disciplinary code.

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