Dallas Boys Made Teen Girl Have Sex With 6 Men Per Day For 2 Weeks


Two Dallas men have been arrested for imprisoning and prostituting a 15-year-old girl and other victims against their will, along with several other sexual offenses.

According to a press conference aired on the Dallas Police Department website, Mike Osorio, 19, and Rafael Rodas, 19, were arrested after the victims ran away and were able to alert authorities. 

The two men would use social media such as Facebook to lure their victims and then arrange to meet face-to-face, says Dallas police Deputy Chief Rob Sherwin.

Osorio and Rodas held the 15-year-old in captivity and forced her to have sex with at least six men per day from Dec. 5-19, according to the press conference.

An investigation was launched after the girl fled and was interviewed by medical professionals, ultimately leading to Osorio’s arrest on Jan. 28 and Rodas’ arrest the following day, said Sherwin.

Authorities found evidence corroborating the victim’s statement of human trafficking and sexual assault in a location connected to the investigation, states the DPD website.

The two men have been indicted for first-degree felonies of trafficking a child and compelling prostitution of a child, as well participating in organized criminal activity, a second-degree felony, reports My San Antonio.

In addition, Osorio has been charged with the second-degree felony of sexual assault of a child. Osorio’s bond is set at $600,000 while Rodas’ bond is set at $105,000.

The Dallas deputy chief said the police department has seen a surge in attacks due to the implementation of social media.

“We believe that a lot of people see social media and they trust what people put on social media is who they really are, and that’s not necessarily true,” Sherwin said. “Predators obviously use that to lure people into them, and in this case, it was a child.”

Sources: My San Antonio, Dallas Police Department / Photo credit: Dallas Police Department

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