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Dallas Animal Services May Have Accidentally Euthanized Four Rescue Dogs

Dallas Animal Services (DAS) is in hot water after euthanizing four dogs that were voluntarily given up by their owner.

DAS and a local rescue group teamed up to save 27 dogs from a potential hoarder, who willingly gave up the dogs. Though most of the animals found foster homes, four went to the shelter on Dec. 30.

The dogs sent to the Dallas shelter — dubbed Faith, Hope, Love and Grace by Deborah Whittington, who helped with the rescue operation — were euthanized on New Year’s Day.

Whittington described the incident as a part of a communication problem at DAS. "I don't think that the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing," Whittington told NBC-DFW. ”And I feel like they have betrayed the trust of the community."

Whittington claimed the shelter informed her that the dogs had a 10-day grace period before they were even eligible for euthanasia.

Sana Syed, City of Dallas public information director, said in a statement that the dogs were euthanized on the grounds of their health and behavior, but the incident is being investigated.

"To know that four dogs may have been euthanized in error has devastated staff, and they are also eager to look for ways to prevent incidents like this in the future," Syed said in the statement.

The statement continues, "DAS is now conducting a complete investigation to determine if system failures and/or performance issues may have contributed to the incident.”

Sources: NBC-DFW / Image via NBC-DFW


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