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Dalina Nicholas Accused of Selling 6-Year-Old Daughter for Sex

A mother in Jacksonville Beach, Florida pleaded guilty to four counts of child neglect after she let her 6-year-old daughter be sexually abused in exchange for money and drugs. 

Dalina Nicholas, 36, is facing a minimum of 15 years in jail and a maximum of 30.

A plea deal allowed her to escape a sexual battery charge as she has agreed to testify against four others in the case. 

Once the trials against the others conclude, she will be sentenced. 

Authorities were alerted about the abuse in March 2012, when a homeless man told police that there was a girl being raped in a Sixth Street South home. He said he had been to the house several times in the past to use drugs and had seen the girl being raped by several different men. 

Nicholas lived in subsidized housing and paid for the house and drugs by selling her daughter for sex. 

When the girl was interviewed, she told the child protection team that she was sexually assaulted and physically abused by the men. 

The mother left the area but was arrested in Muscogee County, Georgia. 

Gonzalo Andux, Nicholas' attorney, said the mother did not understand her daughter was being molested because she had drug and mental health issues. 

"She's very remorseful about what happened," Andux said. 

Four men are being charged in the case. Quinn Brooks, 57 and Ryan Harrover, 34 are being charged with sexual battery and lewd or lascivious molestation. John Hagans, 48, and Norman Thompson, 52 are being charged with sexual battery. 

Family members are currently taking care of the girl and her younger brother. 



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