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Alleged Dakota Pipeline Worker Waves Gun At Protesters (Video)

An unidentified man, driving a Four Square Concrete truck, waved a handgun, which he may have fired, and rolled through a group of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters on Nov. 12 in Mandan, North Dakota (video below).

"This is my way home!" the driver shouted at the Standing Rock demonstrators, who were engaging in a prayer ceremony to protest the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline through Native American land, notes

At one point, the driver pulled a handgun, and drove through the crowd.

"Go around! We’re peaceful! We don’t have guns! We love you! We care for you! Put your gun away!" one protester yelled at the driver, who got out of his truck with the gun, walked around to the other side, got back in his truck and kept driving, reports U.S. Uncut.

Some protesters surrounded the man's truck and told him to be peaceful, but he continued to drive forward and hit at least two people, notes.

"There’s somebody under the car! There’s somebody under the car!" the same protester shouted as the driver kept going.

"A concrete truck driver pulled a gun on water protectors while trying to ram his way thru a crowd!!" said Dallas Goldtooth, a Native American campaign organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network. "Our protectors were peacefully marching on a dirt road towards a DAPL operations base. And somehow we are designated as the violent ones."

According to Goldtooth and other protesters, the driver fired his gun into the air after the video ended. He said seven shells were recovered.

The protesters, who also call themselves water protectors, spread the company name and the phone number, gleaned from the side of the truck, through social media.

In addition to the online shaming of the driver, the protesters have called for an investigation by the U.S. Justice Department and Morton County Commission into the Morton County Sheriff’s Department because of its use of force against the demonstrators.

Sources: NativeNewsOnline.netU.S. Uncut, / Photo credit: inLeague Press/UStreamvia YouTube

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