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Dairy Queen Worker Fired, Arrested Because Of What He Did To Police Officer's Burger


An employee at a Dairy Queen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was arrested after he allegedly spit on a hamburger before serving it to a police officer.

Elijah Johnson, 21, of Baton Rouge, was working at a Dairy Queen when he served the burger to a lieutenant from the city's police department, WAFB reported.

When the police officer sat down to eat his burger, he noticed a clear substance on the top bun.

A police report of the incident stated "the lieutenant stuck his finger into the substance attempting to determine what it was and verified the substance resembled saliva," according to the Advocate.

After the officer complained to a store manager, the manager reviewed video footage of Johnson making the burger in the restaurant's kitchen.

The video reportedly showed Johnson taking the hamburger bun from the rack and backing away from security cameras. When he believed he was out of view, he appeared to put the bun to his mouth briefly before placing it on the burger and wrapping it.

Johnson was arrested and charged with mingling harmful substances and resisting an officer. He reportedly initially gave police a false name and date of birth during questioning because there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

He admitted to officers that he suffered from several communicable diseases, including herpes.

Johnson is currently being held at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on $4,000 bail. Investigators are testing the DNA from the saliva on the burger to confirm that it came from Johnson, the Advocate notes.

A Dairy Queen spokesman told WAFB that Johnson was "immediately terminated" over the incident.

This is not the first time a restaurant employee has been accused of deliberately contaminating food served to a police officer.

In October, a cook at Genghis Grill restaurant in Rogers, Arkansas, allegedly spit in an officer's meal, KFSM reported at the time. 

Sources: WAFB, The Advocate, KFSM / Photo credit: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office via WAFB

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