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Daimler Car2Go Expanding to Canada

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In brief: Daimler is expanding its car-sharing service, Car2Go, into Canada starting in Vancouver.

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The Car2Go service will be in Vancouver, British Columbia starting in June this year. This will mark the fourth country that Daimler's Car2Go electric car sharing company has begun operations in, joining the U.S., Germany and the Netherlands.

So far, more than 35,000 customers have joined Car2Go in both Ulm, Germany and Austin, Texas USA. The Vancouver and Amsterdam facilities open this year.

The program is a "free-floating" model of car sharing in which customers rent the cars on demand and can use them until they're finished, activating and deactivating the cars using a special smart phone application, online, or at a kiosk.

Payment is for actual vehicle usage on a time basis starting at as small as per-minute. Prices include recharge, maintenance, cleaning, GPS navigation, insurance, and parking. Canadian prices will be at 0.35 per minute or $65.99 per day.

And so ...

The program has been successful wherever it's opened and may become the urban dweller's car usage option of choice.

Photo credits: Daimler


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