Daily Show's Larry Wilmore Calls for "Racism Time Out" in Trayvon Martin Debate


In a poignant segmant during Wednesday night's episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Senior Black Correspondant Larry Wilmore called for five minutes of honest discussion about the Trayvon Martin shooting without any accusations of racism being leveled or rebuffed.

Wilmore suggests that the politicization of the Trayvon Martin discussion and the public trial of George Zimmerman has reduced the level of debate. Liberals have been crying "racism" at every attempt to exhonerate Zimmerman of criminal culpabilty in the shooting, while conservatives have attempted to villify Martin so that they can avoid accusations of racism in their defense of Zimmerman. The whole conflict has devolved into yet another partisan exercise.

"Since the court of public opinion is the only court that will take the case, everyone feels the need to jump in and condemn or defend Zimmerman," says Wilmore. "Somehow the death of a 17-year-old kid got turned into a chance to score ideological points."

See the entire segment below:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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