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Daily Caller: 'Transgender Dudes Cleverly Force Their Way Into Female Bathrooms All Over The Country'

Reporting on transgender students in Maine winning the right to use the bathrooms or locker rooms of their choice, The Daily Caller announced “transgender dudes” are forcing their way into ladies' rooms, no matter how uncomfortable it makes other students feel.

“Transgender dudes cleverly force their way into female bathrooms all over the country,” says the “Next page” button for Eric Owens' article, titled “Maine’s supreme court foists choose-your-own-bathroom policy on entire state.”

“Our opinion must not be read to require schools to permit students casual access to any bathroom of their choice,” the Maine Supreme Court wrote. “Decisions about how to address students’ legitimate gender identity issues are not to be taken lightly. Where, as here, it has been clearly established that a student’s psychological well-being and educational success depend upon being permitted to use the communal bathroom consistent with her gender identity, denying access to the appropriate bathroom constitutes sexual orientation discrimination.”

Despite Owens' claim that trans-affirmative policies are clever ploys to see women in compromising or semi-nude circumstances, the program coordinator for trans-affirmative policy in the Los Angeles Unified School District says that’s not an issue.

"We have had no instances of anybody pretending to be transgender," said Dr. Judy Chiasson of Human Relations, Diversity and Equity. "We don't let children [declare] 'I'm gonna be a girl during P.E. and the rest of the day I'm going to be a boy."

Los Angeles has had such transgender policies for almost 10 years, Media Matters reported.

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, discrimination against transgender populations is so high that 41 percent of those surveyed reported attempting suicide. That number is staggering when compared to just 1.6 percent in the general population.

Sources: Daily Caller, Media Matters


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