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Photos of 2-Year-Old Son with Pot Land Dad in Jail

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By "Radical" Russ Belville

(WSMV TV) NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Portland police arrested a father Monday after they discovered pictures of his 2-year-old son packaging marijuana.

Police said they were called about a domestic altercation between a husband and wife… During the investigation, officers said they found images on Christopher Bradley’s phone of his 2-year-old son standing at a table and packaging marijuana.

Other pictures showed the child placing marijuana into a jar, as well as a large amounts of marijuana, rolling papers and a lighter on a table.

Bradley, 30, is charged with child abuse, child neglect and domestic assault. He is scheduled to be in court Jan. 26.

I hate being in the position of having to defend this guy. I’m not fond of guys who get into so-called “domestic altercations” with their wives. I’m not happy about cannabis users being irresponsible and allowing their kids access to the stash. I’m disappointed every time there is a story of a cannabis consumer doing something stupid like taking photos of their kid with weed.

But… child abuse? I don’t think so. That seems too severe to me. There is no report of the child being actually abused. The child didn’t eat any of the cannabis, which is about the only harm he could have possibly suffered, aside from the risk of police bursting in with no-knock warrants and automatic weapons, and even a kid eating cannabis is not going to die or suffer any lasting harm. I think child neglect is appropriate, but if we’re going to charge this guy with child abuse, then some of these kids’ parents need to be charged as well.


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