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Dad Won't Give Up Guns After Accidentally Killing Son

William Clayton Brumby accidentally shot and killed his 14-year-old son, Stephen Brumby, at the High Noon gun range in Sarasota, Florida, on July 3, but he said he is not giving up his guns.

"We wanted our kids to be aware of guns," William, who reportedly keeps guns in his house for self defense, recently told CNN. "I wanted them to be comfortable around them and understand them."

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office said on July 4 that the 64-year-old dad fired his gun while trying to retrieve a hot shell casing out of his shirt that had bounced off a wall.

After the boy was shot, he was taken to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital but later died, according to authorities, reports the Herald-Tribune. Employees at the gun range would not talk to the newspaper.

No charges have been filed against William, but the investigation is ongoing.

William, who has not disputed the sheriff's office's version of events, told CNN: "The gun didn't kill my boy. I did. Every round in the gun is your responsibility. When it fires you need to stand to account for it. That's what I've spent the last two days doing, accounting for my operating error."

As part of that responsibility and accountability, William and his family are asking the public for online donations on a GoFundMe page for the boy's funeral and other expenses.

"It was a very freak accident," William added. "I made a mistake. It doesn't take but a split second for something to go wrong and that could be [the case] with a gun, it could be with the wrong medicine, it could be with any number of things."

William said he will not be giving up his guns, adding: "I can't fix this. It's just a great loss, but thankfully we'll see him someday. I have a feeling he's on a great lake out there."

According to the Herald-Tribune, the High Noon gun range was described by the newspaper in October 2013 as one of the safest indoor shooting ranges ever designed.

Sources: CNN, Herald-Tribune / Photo Credit: StephenBrumby/GoFundMe

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