Dad Who Shot And Killed His Daughter's Boyfriend Charged With Manslaughter


A father has been charged with manslaughter for the shooting death of his 20-year-old daughter’s boyfriend.

Back in September, 41-year-old Charles Jordan found 32-year-old Marc Carrion hiding in his daughter’s bedroom. Jordan didn’t know that Carrion had been dating his daughter for over a month and believed he had broken into their home. When Jordan walked into his daughter’s room, he noticed an open window and found Carrion crouching in the corner of the room.

When Jordan called 911, operators heard him tell Carrion not to move before a single gunshot was fired. Jordan claims that Carrion lunged towards him and left him with no choice but to fire a shot to his head, ultimately killing him. Jordan has now been charged with manslaughter.

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“He [Charles Jordan] realizes what happened that night was a tragedy, but the actions only happened because he felt threatened in his home, and he feared for his personal safety and his daughter's personal safety,” said Jordan’s attorney Todd Henry.

Carrion has three children from a previous marriage and according to his mother, he had worked hard to better his life before he was killed. Despite Jordan’s claims, Carrion’s mother doesn’t believe that her son’s killer acted in self-defense.

“He's with your daughter, she's not screaming, and you shoot him just because you don't know him?” questioned Carrion’s mother Gloria Moyett.

Sources: Daily Mail,

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