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Twin Girls Left Alone In Hot Car Die, Father Charged

A father from Carrollton, Georgia, is facing charges after his twin 16-month-old daughters were left in a hot car and later died.

Showing no emotion, 24-year-old Asa North was taken into custody on Aug. 5 and charged with two counts each of involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct, WGCL reports.

Hours earlier, neighbors said North was frantic.

“The neighbors heard some screaming -- I guess coming from the father -- and saw him running around back with the two children,” Capt. Chris Dobbs of the Carrollton Police Department said.

Officers were called to North’s apartment around 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 4. The two girls, Ariel and Alaynah North, were unresponsive when they arrived.

North and some of his neighbors had placed the girls in an inflatable kiddie pool to try to lower their body temperatures.

“Actually one of the neighbors got some ice packs out of the freezer and carried it out there,” Dobbs said.

The twin girls did not survive and were pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Police believe the girls were left in a hot car and the effects of heat led to their deaths.

They do not think North left his daughters in the hot car intentionally, but he was drinking alcohol while they were alone in the vehicle and that may have played a part in their deaths.

The girls’ mother, who was in Atlanta when the incident occurred, is stricken over their deaths.

"They were blessing from God ... Wish they were still here ... My biggest blessing. I love them to death. They were amazing," Breal Ellis, the girls’ mother told WAGA.

She said their time was short, but that it was full of love.

“They were amazing. They were always happy. They smiled every day … I don’t know … I don’t know,” Ellis said.

Sources: WGCL, WAGA / Photo credit: Carroll County Sheriff's Office via WGCL

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