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4-Year-Old Suffers Severe Burns After Falling Into Family's Fire Pit

After their daughter suffered from burns in October, Bryce and Danielle Unger are warning other parents to keep an eye on their children.

Bryce and his family were enjoying a bonfire in their backyard in Indianapolis, Indiana, when he turned to help one of four kids make a s’more, he told Fox News. At that exact moment, another one of his children -- 4-year-old daughter Leah -- fell into the fire pit.

“Thirty seconds of putting a cracker, chocolate and a marshmallow together and you’re done and in a blink of an eye it turned everything into a nightmare,” Bryce told Fox News.

Leah was then taken to Riley Hospital for Children, where she was treated for burns on her neck and arms. She underwent multiple surgeries and spent weeks in the burn unit.

“She has blisters and her burns are different colors on her left side,” Bryce said. “Both palms were bad and her left palm was worse.”

In order to pay the bills, the Ungers have started a GoFundMe page, Lift Bump reports. 

Despite her injuries, Leah is recovering and optimistic. She even reportedly joked that while both her arms are in casts, she can still move her fingers.

Experts have warned that parents should keep an eye on their children and pets around a campfire at all times. They added that a safety zone or “ring” should be encouraged to keep kids at a safe distance from the flames. 

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Sources: Lift Bump, Fox News, GoFundMe / Photo Credit: Fox News, GoFundMe


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