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Dad Unleashes Beating On Man Who Slipped His Daughter Meth In A Marijuana Pipe (Video)

An irate father unleashed the ultimate beating on a man who allegedly got his daughter high on meth by putting the drug into a marijuana pipe (video below).

In the viral clip, a man identified only as Joel is seen walking into a room and grabbing a guy to pull him outside. The assault occurs outside and starts to become violent as Joel and the woman behind the camera rip him to shreds over allegedly getting their daughter high on meth, reports Mirror.

“You want to get our daughter high on meth, you motherf*****?” the woman, likely the girl’s mother, yells.

“I swear I didn’t get her high, please I didn’t I swear,” the man yells as he is brutally beaten by the angry man. “I didn’t get her stoned.”

The parents don’t seem to want to hear his excuses, and they continue their attack. Later on in the video, it’s revealed the man allegedly put the meth inside a marijuana pipe and gave it to the daughter, who was unaware it contained meth, reports Mad World News.

Check out the insane beating from the angry dad in the viral clip below.

Sources: Mad World News, Mirror

Image Source: Screen capture


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