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Dad Tweets Pictures Of Sons, 7 And 9, With Lion Kills In Africa

Allen Tarpley, a game hunter from Crown Point, Indiana, reportedly posted pictures of his young sons and himself with dead lions that they shot and killed in Africa on Twitter.

The Daily Record reports that Tarpley used the Twitter handle @Safarihunter77, which has since been deleted, to post picture of a boy next to a lion's carcass with the caption: "My seven-year-old with his first lion.”

Another reported posting showed Tarpley's other son with a dead lion and the text: “My nine-year-old with his first lion.”

Tarpley's wife Milena allegedly posted the same picture in April 2014 with the caption: “My little hunter.”

The Daily Record notes that a video of Tarpley and his 10-year-old son hunting and shooting a black bear was also posted online.

Another picture, purportedly of Tarpley with a dead lion from a hunting trip in Ruingwa, Tanzania, was posted on August 1, 2014 .

We Will Not Be Silenced About Hunters, an activist group, unearthed the images.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Tarpley justified his hunting by claiming that critics don't understand hunting and Planned Parenthood sells baby parts:

I have not hunted in years, in about three years. We quit hunting.

We couldn't afford it and that's where I'm at. We did a couple of hunts and that's it.

People can say however they like. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. There's people that don't understand hunting and what it does. People don't understand it.

They don't care about human beings and babies being slaughtered and body parts being sold for Planned Parenthood, but they care about one animal.

There was no media hype about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, but one lion gets killed and everyone goes crazy.

There was also a picture of an unidentified boy playing with an iPad while leaning against a dead lion.

A We Will Not Be Silenced About Hunters spokeswoman countered: "The fact a child can casually lean against the corpse of this animal and play with technology, is chilling."

"What kind of parents steal childhood and innocence in such a way?" the spokeswoman added.

(Note: The picture of the boy's face has been blurred out to protect his identity)

Sources: Daily Record, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Twitter Screenshot


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