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Dad Thinks Doctors Are Showing Him To His New Baby, Gets Put In Surgery Instead

Dad Thinks Doctors Are Showing Him To His New Baby, Gets Put In Surgery Instead Promo Image

When doctors approached Mr. Wang, a father to-be, he thought that they were going to take him to meet his new child. Turns out, they were taking him to the operating table.

A man designated only as Mr. Wang was mistaken by doctors for a patient waiting for a hemorrhoid operation, according to The Daily Mail. When doctors at the Shenyang Hunnan Xinqu Hospital in China approached Mr. Wang and asked if he would follow them, he thought they were taking him to the room where his wife was giving birth.

Instead, they took him to an operating room where he was asked to drop his pants and lie on the table. 

"It felt strange, and I asked why," he said, according to the Mail. "They just said, 'Just do what we tell you.'"

Surgeons then applied anesthetic and removed hemorrhoid he didn't even know he had. The small hospital only has two operating theaters, so Mr. Wang was able to hear that his wife's labor had been a success through the wall.

"When I was on the operating table I heard a baby crying and I was very happy, and I wanted to hold it," said Wang. "But I couldn't move because I started to feel pain."

Doctors thought that he was another patient who completed the paperwork for the surgery and was just waiting for his operation. The fact that Mr. Wang actually had hemorrhoids further aided their confusion. 

Since Mr. Wang never filled out paperwork agreeing to the surgery, he could be entitled to a civil suit. According to the Mail, the hospital offered him 5,000 yuan (or 751 U.S. dollars) as compensation. 

But, according to The Telegraph, hospital officials want to shoulder part of the blame on Mr. Wang for not saying something throughout the procedure. 

"[The mix-up] should be shouldered by both parties, since Mr. Wang is a grown up man," said a hospital official.

According to the Daily Mail, negotiations regarding Mr. Wang's compensation are still ongoing.

Sources: Daily MailThe Telegraph / Photo credit: Peoples Daily Online via The Daily Mail

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