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DNA Test Shows Man Is The Father Of Only One Twin

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A man has discovered that he is the father of only one of his twin children.  

Little Things reports that Chad and Vena fell in love and eventually, Vena became pregnant.  She gave birth to fraternal twins, a boy and a girl.  But Chad noticed that the twins looked eerily similar to one of Vena’s ex-boyfriends. 

That’s when Vena dropped a bombshell:  She had been having an affair with that same man.  

Chad took Vena for an appearance on the TV show "Maury" to have a paternity test.  Chad claimed he wanted to stay in the children’s lives regardless of the outcome of the test, but wasn’t sure he could forgive Vena for her betrayal.  

Maury read the results of Chad’s paternity test in front of his live studio audience.  Chad was indeed the father of his twin son. However, he was not the father of his twin daughter.  

According to Baby Center, 1 in 400 fraternal twins is "bipaternal," meaning that each twin has a separate father.  The rare occurrence can happen if a woman sleeps with two men in the same week she gets pregnant.  

"Female dogs ovulate multiple eggs," says Joanne Boughman, executive vice president of the American Society of Human Genetics. "And when a dog is in heat, any male dog in the vicinity will attempt to mount her, so each egg could be fertilized by a different father, producing a litter of puppies that don't resemble each other in the slightest."

Humans aren’t dogs, but females do ovulate multiple eggs which can get fertilized by multiple partners, just like dogs.  

For Chad, he remains adamant that he will be a father to both of his children.  The future of the couple is unclear. 

Sources: Little Things, Baby Center / Photo credit: Thomas Wensing/Flickr

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