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'But Daddy Please': Son Learns Valuable Lesson From Dad About Why It's Not OK To Lie (Video)

A video quickly going viral shows a dad teaching his son a valuable lesson about why it’s never good to lie, and clearly, his message got through to the young boy.

In the clip, the dad films his son’s reaction as they drive in the car and the dad tells his son that he’s going to beat someone up. It’s quickly revealed that the little boy appears to have lied about being tormented by another kid, and in response to his claims, the dad lets him know they’re going to fight the other kid and his family.

The dad obviously had a feeling his so was lying, however, so as soon as his son learns that they’re in the car to go and get in a fight for something that never happened, he quickly changes his story. At first the young boy pretends that he was just playing a joke on his dad, but when the dad continues to say that he’s going to beat the other boy and his whole family up, the young son finally comes clean.

The obviously terrified kid pleads with his dad to turn around and admits that he was lying, but the dad keeps going.

“But daddy, please, I don’t want to be a bad guy,” the scared son says as his dad keeps going on about hurting the nonexistent bully and his family.

Near the end of the video, just as the son starts to panic even more, the dad reveals that he was getting him back for lying.

“You see what happens when you lie?” the dad says.

You can check out this clever dad’s lesson to his lying son in the clip below.

Sources: The Blaze, World Star Hip Hop


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