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Dad Takes 10-Year-Old With Him On Trip To Buy Item Off Craigslist, Doesn't Realize Mistake Until It's Too Late

A Kansas City man was murdered in front of his daughter after a suspected Craigslist deal gone bad.

Jake Brantner, 39, was shot and killed April 3 just a few feet from his 10-year-old daughter in a crowded parking lot. It's not yet clear what the reason for the shooting was, but KCTV reported that Brantner might have been planning on selling a gun to a man who contacted him through Craigslist.

Police have not verified the meeting occurred through Craigslist.

According to eyewitnesses, Brantner might have tried to shoot back at the culprit, possibly to defend his daughter, but it wasn't enough to save himself.

"There was a little girl sitting in the passenger seat crying and a man outside the car ... outside the car bleeding," said the witness, who didn't want to be identified because the gunman has not been arrested, according to

“It was surreal. Am I really hearing this? Am I really seeing this,” the witness told KCTV.

The murder occurred in a parking lot near Kauffman Stadium where many Kansas City Royals fans park to go to games.

Brantner worked as an automotive specialist, reported KCTV.

"That's the last person you'd think something like that happening to," said Daniel Holdcroft, who was neighbors with Brantner for years.

Police are still investigating the killing and no arrests have been made.


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