Dad Shoots, Kills Son in Fight Over Watching Football Game

David Carrender, 49, is accused of shooting and killing his 19-year-old son, Wyatt, in an argument over when to stop watching football on Sunday.

David and Wyatt had been out at a restaurant, or a bar, watching football games. Apparently, Wyatt wanted to go home, but his dad preferred watching football. They fought during the drive back to their home in Martinsville, Ind. where the shooting occurred.

“It appears the father retrieved a handgun and shot his son, it appears, six times,” Morgan County Sheriff Robert Downey told IndyStar.com. "It appears at this time the father had been drinking during the day according to witness statements."

David's girlfriend and Wyatt’s girlfriend were also present for the incident.

"I heard a series of 4-5 gunshots real quick," neighbor Tony White told WISHTV.com. "I heard what I assumed was the young boy's girlfriend scream. She was asking [David] why he had done it. She was just in terrible shape."

According to WISHTV.com, David admitted to killing his son.

Sources: IndyStar.com and WISHTV.com


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