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Michigan Dad Hospitalized After Mistakenly Eating Daughter's Pot Brownies

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A Michigan man was hospitalized after unknowingly eating one of his teenage daughter’s pot brownies.

Reports say that the 58-year-old unidentified man believed he was having a stroke one morning last week soon after mistakenly eating several pot brownies his daughter had baked the night before.

When emergency workers responded to his call for help, he told them that he was either having a stroke or his 17-year-old daughter had drugged him. Ultimately, the teen confessed to baking the brownies with marijuana she had gotten from a friend. She reportedly said she left them on the kitchen counter, believing that no one would eat them.

“Marijuana today is not your marijuana of the 1960s or 70s," Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Mike McCabe said, My Fox Detroit reports. "The THC level is multiple times more potent. Depending how much marijuana was baked into those brownies, it could lead to someone being violently ill. It could also lead to death.”

The dad was released from the hospital and is reportedly expected to be fine, and now, the 17-year-old girl could face criminal charges.

Sources: My Fox Detroit, Detroit Free Press

Photo Sources: Detroit Free Press, My Fox Detroit


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