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Dad Sends Angry Email To Teacher Over Sex-Ed, Arrested

Bruce "Deano" Divers, Jr. was arrested April 11 in Decorah, Iowa, for sending an angry email to a teacher about a sexual education class being taught in the fourth grade, and for allegedly threatening two teachers on Facebook.

The Decorah Police Department said it started investigating April 9 after Divers sent the email. On April 11, Divers posted some content on Facebook that allegedly threatened two teachers, notes The Courier.

Divers admitted to KWWL that he sent an email to a teacher that said, in part, "Decorah schools spiritually declared war against my house today. When I retaliate Monday morning ..."

Divers told the news station that he didn't mean to threaten the school, but was upset about what his fourth grader was learning about biological sexual reproduction.

Divers has been charged with two counts of second-degree harassment and one count of third-degree harassment.

There were lockdowns at multiple schools in the area April 11, but everything was back to normal April 12, according to Decorah Community School Superintendent Michael Haluska.

"Interestingly enough, we have paperwork available at the beginning of the year for anyone who wishes to have their children exempted from any conversations that have to do with that type of subject matter," Haluska told KWWL.

It's not clear why Divers did not use this option to exclude his child from learning about this particular area of biology.

The Decorah Community School District said classes were held as normal April 11, except for the buildings being placed on lockdown due to a "credible threat," especially at Carrie Lee Elementary School.

The Decorah School District said in a statement April 10: "After thorough discussion with the Decorah Police Police Department and the Winneshiek County Attorney, precautionary safety measures will be taken at all district buildings. Every effort will be made to provide a safe and secure environment which will allow your son or daughter to have a formal day."

Sources: KWWL, The Courier / Photo credit: Decorah Police Department via The Courier

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