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Dad Says He Threw Missing Indiana Baby In The Trash

Janna Rivera’s body is still missing. 

The 3-month-old from Indianapolis, Indiana, has been missing for nearly two weeks and is presumed dead, but despite searching in several locations, including landfills, Janna’s body has not been found.

Police believe Janna’s father, Jeffrey Fairbanks, 45, rolled over on the baby while sleeping and killed the child. Fairbanks has admitted to police that he thew the baby in a dumpster. 

Though a search of a landfill has reportedly uncovered what appear to be baby’s blankets, the find has not been confirmed by police. A source told ABC6 that at least one of the blankets had blood on it.

Janna’s mother, Yolanda Rivera-Gonzalez, filed for an order of protection against Fairbanks after he allegedly told her he killed the baby and buried her on May 29. Though no one has been charged in the baby’s disappearance, someone claiming to be Fairbanks took to social media to defend himself.

“What I did was horrible, afterwards, but, I did not hurt my baby. I loved her, and, she was one of the most loved children I have. She was gone when I awoke, and the detectives know that. They had the scenario figured before I even told them,” he wrote in a series of Facebook comments on an NBC News 13 story.

“They may charge me, but I did NOT hurt her, and, have nothing to do with her death. It’s bad enough, that people judge me because of what I did to her remains, but, to say I murdered my child, is completely out of line. I lost my wife over this, and, I knew she would be devastated, which is only one reason why I flipped my lid, when I made the discovery. I am hiding nothing, to do with her death, and have cooperated as much as I can with the authorities.”

Sgt. Paul Scott, a missing persons detective with Indianapolis Metro Police Department, said this is the type of case that haunts detectives and that the search was proving difficult. "Probably one of the most difficult searches, technically, is a landfill search," Scott said. "Once we grid that out, we just simply start digging through the garbage trying to find evidence.”

The couple’s two other children are reportedly safe.

Sources: ABC 6, Inquisitr

Image via Inquisitr


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