Father Charged With Homicide In Death Of 6-Month-Old


A Pennsylvania man was charged on July 22 with homicide after he told police his 6-month-old daughter died after falling out of a baby swing and injuring her head.

Deven Kohr, 23, of New Cumberland, told police in May his 6-month-old daughter had fallen out of her baby swing and hit her head, causing fatal injuries. Police say the autopsy revealed the infant's head injuries were too severe to have been caused by that type of fall.

Emergency responders were called to Kohr's home on May 14, after his daughter went into cardiac arrest. When responders arrived, they were sent to a room where the baby's maternal grandfather was performing CPR in an attempt to save her life. The infant was rushed to a nearby hospital. She died later that day.

Doctors determined the baby's injuries came from being squeezed within 15 minutes of her death, reports the Daily Mail. A coroner confirmed this after finding injuries consistent with traumatic asphyxia. The child's death was officially ruled a homicide.

The autopsy also revealed the baby had numerous brain bleeds and had hemorrhages in her eyes, which eventually would have caused her to go blind.

Kohr initially told police he woke up on the morning of his daughter's death, changed her diaper, fed her and later discovered she was not breathing, according to Penn Live. When he was confronted with findings consistent with traumatic asphyxia, he told police his daughter had fallen out of her baby swing.

A family member told police that Kohr said he had kicked the infant's swing while she was in it, causing her to fall out and hit her head. Medial examiners say the injuries were too severe to have been caused by a fall like that.

Kohr is facing charges of criminal homicide and is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 3. 

Sources: Penn LiveDaily Mail / Photo credit: Cumberland County Prison via Penn Live

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