Dad Saves Baby's Life After She Cried 'Differently' (Photos)

Dad Saves Baby's Life After She Cried 'Differently' (Photos) Promo Image

A father saved his baby's life when he took her to the hospital after hearing her "crying in a different way."

UK resident Stu Bonsall, 45, said he noticed his 4-week-old daughter, Megan, crying differently than she usually had, and worried that something was wrong with her even though she appeared fine, according to Metro.

"I know all babies cry, I'm not stupid," said Stu, who works as a service engineer. "I wanted a doctor to check her over. I would rather look like an idiot and know my daughter is okay."

"But my actions saved Megan's life," said the father, according to The Independent. "I will never regret that, I would advise all parents to visit their hospital. It could save your baby's life."

Megan's mother, Tracy, 44, told her husband that the baby had been crying like that for a few hours, and the parents drove their infant to the hospital to seek help.

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"It's a good job I trusted my gut," said Stu. When the family arrived at the hospital, Megan was placed in intensive care and doctors told them she was to be transferred to a larger hospital.

"We were to travel behind her ambulance by car," said Stu, the Daily Mail reports. "We were told, even if the ambulance pulled over on the way, not to stop."

"It made me think she was going to die before we got there," said the father.

After a series of tests, doctors told Stu and Tracy that their daughter had been diagnosed with sepsis.

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Sepsis is a condition in which the body's immune system attacks its own tissues and organs in order to fight an infection, putting the body's immune reaction into overdrive, according to KidsHealth. It can lead to serious complications and even death.

Sepsis is more common in children under 3 months old because their immune systems are not fully developed.

The symptoms of sepsis in babies can vary, and KidsHealth reports that the infants often simply "don't look right" to parents.

Sepsis symptoms in babies can include drowsiness, irritability, and difficulties with eating or breathing.

The condition often originates from an infection like pneumonia.

After the parents learned of Megan's condition, they were told she would be put into an induced coma to help her recover. She was in the coma for three days, and was treated with intravenous drips.

"Suddenly, because of all the drugs they were feeding her, she was double her size," said Megan's father. "It was awful to see, but we just hoped she would get better."

After a week, she was able to return home, where her parents say she is doing fine.

"It was touch and go, but our daughter is well and healthy, after the fantastic stuff and our quick thinking to have her checked out," said Stu.

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