Dad Rips Out Son’s Loose Tooth With Toy Drone (Video)


A father in Ireland who calls himself the “Drone Dentist” pulled his 8-year-old son’s loose incisor using a remote-controlled quadcopter.

Tech junkie Malcolm Swan tied a string from Adam’s tooth to the aircraft and waited for his son to give him the signal.

"Adam has a very loose tooth. Show us," his father says on the cell phone video. "And it is attached to floss and this little beauty."

The video, posted to Youtube, garnered some criticism.

Swan told Irish radio statiion RTE 2FM the stunt didn’t hurt Adam at all.

"You can see in the video, when the floss comes tight, there's not even a jerk of his head or anything," he said. "It was that loose. I literally could have just plucked it out with my two fingers.”

"Hang on. Who's the 8-year-old? You or your son?" the DJ joked.

"Sometimes I ask myself," Swan admitted.

Sources: New York Daily NewsLaughing Squid


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