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Dad Notices Something 'Different' About Newborn, Murders Him In Cold Blood

A man in Kasur, Pakistan, strangled his newborn daughter to death and buried her in the courtyard of his home.

The girl, who was just a few hours old, was killed because her father reportedly wanted to have a son. The child’s mother, Shamim Bibi, said she gave birth to the girl and brought her home that same night.

“Soon after I came back home with the baby girl, my husband Sher Alam became furious, snatched her from my hands and strangled her to death,” Shamim told the Express Tribune. 

Bibi filed a complaint with police regarding her daughter’s death.

“He asked me that he didn’t want a girl and I replied that it was the will of Allah not theirs,” she said in the complaint, the Daily Pakistan reported. He allegedly threatened her life if she told anyone about the murder.

Following the mother’s complaint, Sher Alam was arrested and an investigation begun into the circumstances surrounding the child’s death.

The incident sparked outrage among readers.

“This cold blooded murderer should have killled his mother for being a female, then as it seems he was very happy to sleep with a woman called his wife to have baby, a boy??;; Why he did not kill that woman before marriage… why he had to marry a female… he needed a boy, so first heshould have married a boy, as if people like him a alive, all female born will be killed/murdered by idiots like him; .. He should be hanged soonest without delays,” one Express Tribune reader commented.

In a similar incident, a Saudi mother was arrested for stabbing her husband to death because he was attempting to smother their 2-month-old son.

The woman was detained after she stabbed her husband for trying to smother their baby with a pillow to “end its screams,” Daily Mail reported. The woman fled to a neighbor’s house before police were alerted to the scene and responded. 

Sources: Express TribuneDaily MailDaily Pakistan / Photo credit: Pixabay

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