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Dad Makes Daughter Wear Sign Announcing She Is A Thief

An Indiana father combined creativity with tough love in order to teach his daughter an embarrassing lesson on Thursday.

According to the Blaze, Gary Mills had his daughter wear a cardboard sign that said, “My name is Abby Mills & I am a LIAR & a THEIF [sic]! I’ve stolen from my parents, brothers & sister. Aunts & uncles. I even stole my 9-yr-old cousin’s Christmas presents."

Mills took three videos of his daughter standing in populated areas wearing the sign.

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“Indiana does not have a program that allows teens to see what’s inside of a jail cell … to keep ‘em out of trouble,” Mills said in the first video. “You can call it a little tough love or a little tough justice. This is what she’s gonna be doing today. So she can be embarrassed!”

Mills said on Facebook that somebody reported him to Child Services, but that did not faze him, as he continued to have her publicly display the sign.

“My mother always told me that I’m gonna have a child that’s 10 times worse than me,” Mills said. “Well, here she is. Maybe this will teach her to keep her sticky fingers off other people’s property.”

The strict father then took her in front of a correctional center, where he found police officers willing to talk to her about the justice system and consequences of stealing.

Wills was angry that the legal system in his Indiana town does not have a program for troubled teens like his daughter, but he was grateful that some officers spoke to her, and he was hopeful that his daughter took the message to heart.

I don’t want to see my girl get locked up,” he said. “If it takes my last breath to keep her from gettin’ locked up, that’s what it’s gonna take. She’s gotta understand that I mean business, and this is my last straw before she gets put into the system.”

While some might complain about his drastic measures, Wills maintained that he did it out of love.

“I love you, I’m always gonna love you,” he said to his daughter, later adding, “I’m your father and I’m never gonna give up on you. I just want you to understand that.”

Sources: The Blaze, Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebok


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