Public Applauds Father For Letting His 2-Year-Old Son Wear Dresses (Photos)


Seth Menachem wants the world to know that he’s not ashamed of his two-year-old son’s desire to wear dresses. After he wrote a revealing article about his experience as a father, some people criticized him, while others applauded the dad for his acceptance.

In an article for the Huffington Post, Menachem explains that his two-year-old Asher refuses to wear “boy” clothes and insists on wearing dresses like his four-year-old sister Sydney. At first, Menachem says, he tried desperately to get him to put on a pair of shorts.

“I grab shorts and a T-shirt out of the drawer and dress him, because he still has trouble dressing himself,” Menachem writes. “But he figured out how to undress himself – and pretty often that means he's ripping off his clothing and screaming ‘dress’ over and over again. He climbs onto the chair in the closet and tugs at one of Sydney's dresses –‘This one.’”

Menachem admits that he was initially embarrassed when he would bring his son out in public because he didn’t want people to think that he was trying to push any sort of agenda by dressing his son in “girl” clothes, but after one hellish experience getting Asher dressed, Menachem says he turned a corner.

“He had a huge tantrum as I tried to force his legs into a pair of shorts,” Menachem writes. “His nose was running into his mouth as he cried and protested and I suddenly realized I was fighting for something I didn't even believe in. I was making my kid feel badly for something he shouldn't be ashamed of. And I stopped. And I gave him a hug and I apologized. And then I put back on the purple princess dress with his sister's sparkly Tom's shoes.”

Menachem also says that many people have judged his decision to allow Asher to wear dresses, but despite the criticism and ignorance, he believes he is doing the right thing by his child.

“If my son is gay, so be it,” Menachem says. “Maybe he is. Maybe he's not. Maybe he'll be a cross dresser. Maybe not. I have no control over any of it. All I can do is be supportive.”

Sources: Cambio, Huffington Post, Boing Boing


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