Dad Accused Of Suffocating 3-Month-Old Son


A Saint Louis father has been accused of killing his 3-month-old son by suffocating him.

According to court documents, Jibri Baker, 23, held the baby, Ayden, face-down in a pillow and waited for him to stop breathing. Jibri then turned Ayden over, and when he saw that the baby took another breath, he is reported to have held the boy's nose and mouth shut until he was dead, according to Daily Mail.

Jibri had weekend custody of Ayden and his other son, Xavier, while the boys' mom, Erin Rideout, had custody of them during the week after the couple ended their three-year relationship.

The alleged murder happened on April 7 or 8, while Jibri was taking care of the children.

Police learned of Ayden's death on April 8, after Jibri called Erin to tell her that the baby had stopped breathing. By the time the mother made it to Jibri's home, Erin's sister, Mary, said that her son was already on his way to the hospital.

"She rushed over there and the ambulance had already taken him away," said Mary, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"It's really hard," Mary said. "She's really sad. She breaks down crying."

According to Mary, nothing about the father's previous behavior had suggested to her that he would harm the children. No motive has been identified in the alleged murder.

Erin's family has reportedly taken her out of her apartment while she grieves for her son. Xavier is reportedly staying with Mary.

On Jibri's Facebook page, a number of photos show him with Xavier, but he posted only one picture of himself with Ayden, and that was in February.

The man has reportedly been booked into the St. Louis Justice Center, and bail has not yet been set.

"Ayden was an amazing, sweet baby who brought a smile to the face of everyone who saw him," says the GoFundMe page that was set up for the Rideout family to pay for "funeral arrangements and common day to day expenses we all take for granted."

"Erin and Xavier are going to have hard financial times," the page says.

In another case, a Minnesota father was accused of manslaughter and child endangerment after the mother said that he had passed out drunk on a couch and suffocated their 8-week-old son, according to WJON.

The baby's mother said that Cory Stucky, 31, had drank 24 beers before falling asleep on the couch with their infant son, Myles, in July 2015. She said she had found Myles face-down on the couch under Cory's arm.

She later told police that she had "exaggerated" Cory's drunkenness and married him, after which authorities dropped the charges against Cory.

Sources: Daily Mail, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, GoFundMe, WJON / Photo credit: Baker family via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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