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Dad Killed By Car While Helping Daughter In Crash (Photos)

Dad Killed By Car While Helping Daughter In Crash (Photos) Promo Image

A Texas dad was fatally struck by a vehicle while he was helping his daughter after a car crash.

The man, Silas De La Rosa, is reported to have fallen asleep at the wheel while driving with his 8-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter, according to WLS. A family friend was also sitting in the front seat at the time.

The car reportedly drifted off the road, slammed into a guardrail, flipped over and landed on its wheels on the highway, investigators said. The force threw the 7-year-old girl from the car.

As De La Rosa tried to help his daughter, a car passing by the accident hit him.

The father and daughter were both seriously injured and rushed to a local hospital. De La Rosa died after he underwent surgery.

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The young girl is "okay," a family member said. De La Rosa's son and the family friend were taken to the hospital as a precaution and were said to be alert.

The family friend said that De La Rosa was wearing his seatbelt during the crash.

It's unclear whether the young girl was wearing a seatbelt.

Family members have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for De La Rosa's family after the tragic accident:

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This is truly a difficult time for our family. Our great loving and by far the funniest family member has died a hero to us, saving his daughter who at some point during the trip unclicked her seat belt to lay down and was ejected from the vehicle.

He was a devoted father and the funnybone to our family, no matter how down one of us would be, Silas De La Rosa would find a way to bring a smile or giggle to us. His 7yr old daughter, who was badly injured in the accident, is tough as nails and is winning her fight with the spirit of her father by her side. His 8yrs old son is doing well and he knows his father is a hero to us all. With love and time he will grow to be a great man.

My cousin Silas had just one day before walked his father to his final resting place and was driving home after taking other family members back home out of town. He was exhausted and pushed himself to far wanting to make it home. Our comfort is knowing that he is reunited with his Mother and Father who he missed to no end. Silas was an organ donor we were informed with his passing two lives will be saved.

Sources: WLS, GoFundMe / Featured Image: Oregon Department of Transportation/Flickr / Embedded Photos: GoFundMe, WLS

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