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Dad Keeps Boys Away From His Daughter By Making Her Wear This Shirt (Photo)

While parents are known to look after all their children, the protectiveness fathers have as it pertains to their daughters is a thing of legend. Some consider it one of the great pillars of modern society, others believe it promotes a double standard between the way boys and girls are treated. Either way, regardless of how folks feel about the matter – it exists.

Recently, a dad posted a humorous example of how protective some fathers are of their daughters by posting a picture of his little girl in this shirt on Reddit:

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Of course, the good folks on Reddit had their own take on this. 

"What he's succeeded in doing is ensuring that his daughter takes her shirt off the moment he isn't around," wrote on user. 

"Single dad tryin' to pick up some hot middle school teachers," wrote another. 

What do you think of this shirt?

Source: Reddit / Photo Credit: Imgur


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