Dad Punched For Taking Daughter To Walmart Men's Room


A Utah man says he was physically attacked by another man after taking his 5-year-old daughter into the men's restroom of a Wal-Mart.

Christopher Adams was shopping for storage bins and blinds with his 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter when both children said they needed to use the bathroom, according to Salt Lake City's KSL-TV, an NBC affiliate.

Adams said he didn't want to leave his daughter, Emery, alone in another restroom, so made the call to bring her into the men's bathroom. That's when another man using the restroom took exception, he said.

“This guy walks in and goes to the bathroom, the urinal,” Adams told KSL-TV. “Then he just, like, turns to me and starts freaking out, dropping the ‘F-bomb,’ and what he was freaking out about was that my daughter was in the men’s bathroom.”

Adams said he realized the man was upset, but wasn't prepared for the confrontation to turn physical.

"I turn around and I get sucker-punched in the face," he told Salt Lake City's KSTU. "I was just thinking I need to get this away from my kids because I didn't know how far it was going to escalate so I just kind of heaved him out of the bathroom."

The Utah man was able to subdue the other shopper until Wal-Mart security officers arrived. When they got control of the situation, they called police.

The alleged attacker was cited for disorderly conduct, according to Clinton, Utah police Lt. Shawn Stoker. Police told KSL they were considering tacking on an assault charge, but did not identify the man because the initial charge was a non-criminal violation.

For his part, Stoker said Adams did nothing wrong by bringing both children with him into the men's restroom. It's a call parents have to make, he said.

“This is a situation where a father felt the most reasonable and safe thing for him to do is to take his children inside the restroom with him," Stoker said, "and the customer took exception to that."

The incident does not appear to be related to the ongoing "bathroom wars" in states like North Carolina, where lawmakers have made it illegal for anyone older than seven years old to use a bathroom marked for the opposite gender.

Sources: KSL, KSTU / Photo credit: KSL

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