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Dad Follows 6-Year-Old Into McDonald's Restroom, Sees His Worst Nightmare Become Reality

A 6-year-old boy reportedly suffered from an attack of a sexual nature in the bathroom of a McDonald’s in Jacksonville, Florida, on Aug. 18. Now police have arrested Keith Andre Sykes, a 33-year-old homeless man, in connection with the attack. 

The victim went into the bathroom accompanied by his 7-year-old brother on Thursday, but when he failed to emerge, his father went in to check on him. There he allegedly found Sykes in the bathroom stall with his son, zipping his pants up, The Florida Times-Union reported. Though the father chased after Sykes, he lost track of him.

The following day, a tip led authorities to a dumpster, where they arrested Sykes for possession of marijuana. He was later identified by witnesses and changed with capital sexual battery. 

"...He frequents the area, and that's why we had such good witnesses who were able to identify him,” director Mike Bruno of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said at a press conference on Friday night.

Chief Tom Hackney told First Coast News reporters at the press conference that "it's hard to tell exactly what happened in that stall,” but that it’s clear some type of sex crime did occur.

"Obviously the [suspect] had no business being in that stall with that little boy,” he added.

Sykes was charged with capital sex battery.

Sources: First Coast NewsThe Florida Times-Union

Photo Credit: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office/First Coast News


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