Dad Finds Out Daughter Was Killed On TV After Police Forget To Tell Him


A father discovered on TV that his teenage daughter had been murdered after police forgot to inform him.

Nicole Lowell, 13, had snuck out of her Virginia bedroom on Jan. 27, says Independent.  Virginia Tech student David Eisenhauer, 18, has since been charged with the abduction and murder of Nicole. Another Virginia Tech student, Natalie Keepers, was charged with accessory.

Keepers has been accused of illegally dumping Nicole’s body across the North Carolina state line and accessory to a felony, says Mirror. After a four-day search, her body was discovered.

Police neglected to tell Lowell’s father that his daughter had been murdered, a mistake for which authorities have since apologized. Lowell’s father said he does not blame them for the mistake.

Lowell’s father noted that he had been concerned that his daughter had been chatting to older men online. He told TV show host Dr. Phil that he regrets not putting an end to it before it was too late.

“There’s regrets that I have that I’ll never get over,” Lowell’s father said. 

Sources: The Independent, Mirror / Photo Credit: Mirror

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