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Dad Finds 32-Year-Old Man With Daughter In The Middle Of Night, Reacts

A father mistakenly shot and killed his daughter’s supposed boyfriend because he thought the man was an intruder.

Marc Carrion, 32, was found by Charles Jordan, 41, crouched in a corner of his daughter’s room late in the evening Monday.

Jordan reportedly threatened Carrion, believing he was an intruder, and a struggle ensued.

Carrion was shot in the head by Jordan.

But Carrion was not an intruder.

Police believe he had been invited by Jordan’s 20-year-old daughter Brenda into her room that evening, reports Philadelphia Daily News.

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(Left: Dad. // Right: Boyfriend)

Carrion and Brenda were allegedly romantically involved, but had only recently met one another.

A neighbor recalled hearing the argument and Brenda screaming at her father after a gunshot went off.

"I heard a girl screaming, 'No, Daddy, no!’” said the male witness who declined to give his name.

"'Why did you do that? He was my best friend,'" he added, before “everything got quiet.”

Carrion’s mother, Gloria Moyett, is deeply troubled by the events, reports The Daily Mail.

"He's a stranger in your house, and you just shoot him in the head?" Moyett said. "He's with your daughter, she's not screaming, and you shoot him just because you don't know him?

Carrion was taken to Aria Health Torresdale Hospital following the shooting and succumbed to his injuries early the next morning.

At this time no charges have been filed in the deadly shooting.

Photo Source: Facebook/The Daily Mail


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