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Dad Discreetly Films Daughter During Epic Selfie Shoot (Video)

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A sneaky father managed to capture his daughter in the midst of a selfie shoot and uploaded the footage for all to see on Saturday.

According to the video summary, father Rod Beckham was on an average road trip when he noticed a lot of movement in his rearview mirror. After realizing his daughter’s amusing show of narcissism in the back seat, he got his own phone out and started discreetly recording her actions.

What makes the video so funny is Beckham’s daughter’s array of facial expressions, and the fact that she somehow continues on without ever noticing that she’s being recorded.

Many commenters on the video have poked fun at the girl.

“'Stop humiliating yourself online…that’s my job’ – Every parent today,” one commenter wrote.

Other commenters have questioned whether or not the video is real, and others have doubted the father’s wisdom in filming while driving.

To date, the video has accumulated 1.2 million views.

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Sources: DailyMail, Fox


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