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Dad Dies From 'Broken Heart' Weeks After Son Is Murdered

The grieving father of a man whom three men brutally murdered with a pitchfork died just weeks after his son “from a broken heart.”

The Mirror reports that a group of thugs beat and stabbed 46-year-old Thomas “Tam” Lamb outside his Edinburgh, Scotland, home in September 2014.

Just 11 weeks later, Thomas’s father, 67-year-old John Lamb, died after he stopped taking necessary medication for a serious lung condition, according to Thomas’ 30-year-old niece, Kim Strachan.

“I’ve no doubt in my mind John died from a broken heart,” Strachan said. “He was devastated by Tam’s death and kept saying, ‘You’re not meant to bury your kids.’”

She described Thomas as a “quiet soul” who "loved drawing, painting and playing pool."

“Tam and my grandad were close,” she said. “They supported each other and Tam looked after Grandad. They did a lot together. They both loved music such as Paul McCartney and The Eagles.”

Over the last four years, John lost a daughter and a granddaughter and was still grieving their losses when James Watson, Paul Watson and Gary Sim followed Thomas home after he beat them at a game of pool in his local bar, according to the Daily Record. The three men, who were celebrating Paul’s release from prison, punched and kicked Thomas in his garden and then stabbed him with a pitchfork. “Will I finish him off?” one of the men said loudly, according to a witness.

“My grandad was asleep when all this was going on,” Strachen said. “He didn’t know anything until the police knocked on his door at 6:30 a.m.

“They didn’t just stab him; they had used his head [as] a football and they snapped vertebrae in his spine with the force of the kicks. He had footprints on both sides of his face.”

A judge sentenced all three men to life in prison, but Thomas’s father died before he could see his son’s killers brought to justice.

“My granddad never lived to see justice done, but I know he would have been pleased all three of them were found guilty,” Strachan said.

“They should both still be here,” she added.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Record
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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