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Baby Found Dead In Woods, Dad In Custody

Baby Found Dead In Woods, Dad In Custody Promo Image

Police have arrested an Atlanta father after his infant daughter was found dead in the woods on Oct. 8.

Though Chris McNabb was taken into custody for a parole violation and not regarding his daughter's passing, he is the only person of interest in the baby's death and will undergo questioning, reports WXIA.

The autopsy for baby Caliyah C. McNabb is expected to come out on Oct. 9 or shortly thereafter, notes The Covington News. Until then, the manner of the girl's death remains a mystery.

"We're still gathering some information and records and still actively investigating," Newton County Coroner Tommy Davis said, according to The Covington News.

The infant was reported missing on the morning of Oct. 7. McNabb and the baby's mother, Courtney Bell, said that they noticed at around 10 a.m. that she had disappeared from their mobile home and that they last saw her around 5 a.m. when they woke up to feed her, according to WGCL.

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Authorities immediately began looking for the 15-day-old infant, but she was dead by the time they spotted her among some trees behind the mobile park where McNabb and Ball were living. The Covington News reported that she was wrapped in cloth and placed under a log, although the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that she was found in a duffel bag.

Around the time that the girl was found, McNabb reportedly jumped out of his car and attempted to run. Newton County sheriffs apprehended him a few hours later at a nearby car wash, and he was arrested without further incident.

McNabb has been booked multiple times on more than 16 charges, including burglary, theft, criminal trespass and violation of probation. He had been out of prison for five weeks before the tragedy. His family said that they were hoping he "would straighten his life up" upon his release.

Caliyah was born prematurely on Sept. 23, weighing around 5 pounds, her mom said. The baby shared a bedroom with her 2-year-old sister, and the parents slept in a different room.

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"She was tiny," Bell told WGCL. "You had to feed her every two hours. You had to change her little diapers. Her little head was the size of a tennis ball. She was so little. She was just precious. From the first time you pick them up, there's love there. That love is broken. It hurts like I have never hurt before."

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