Dad Builds 180-Foot Roller Coaster In His San Francisco Backyard (VIDEO)

A California father made his children's dreams come true after he built a 180-foot long roller coaster in his backyard.

According to the New York Daily News, Will Pemble, 50, of San Francisco, started building the roller coaster for his son Lyle, 10, and daughter Ellie, 12, after returning home from an amusement park.

The DIY project cost Pemble around $3,500 and nearly 300 hours of work to put the structure together.

The project has led him to setting up his blog, CoasterDad.com, to share the process.

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“[Lyle] asked a simple question, 'Why don't we build our own roller coaster, Dad?'

“I couldn't think of a single good reason to say no, so Lyle and I headed off to the lumber yard for a few supplies.

"Today, our backyard roller coaster is an unending source of excitement, challenge, education, and connection."

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The coaster has been tested by a number of children in the neighborhood, and is “complete and fully operational,” Pemble wrote on his blog.

"CoasterDad is all about sharing information and ideas about backyard roller coasters, but even more, it's here to support science education for kids," he said.

"People started asking if we did this kind of thing for a living and if could we go and build backyard roller coasters for other families.

"If I'm honest, I can't think of a single good reason to say no so that could well happen in the future."


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