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Father Beats Two 9-Year-Olds Who Were Bullying His Son (Photos)

Father Beats Two 9-Year-Olds Who Were Bullying His Son (Photos) Promo Image

A father was caught on camera beating two 9-year-olds that he believed to be bullying his son.

The dad, said to be 34, is seen in the video walking over to a group of young children who he thought were picking on his child, according to the Daily Mail. He strikes one boy across the face with an open hand, before grabbing the child by the head and throwing him to the ground.

He then turns his attention to another boy, pushing him in the chest. The other boys begin to cower as the father shouts at them.

The man then hits the boy lying on the floor once more while continuing to yell.

The fighting is broken up only after other parents intervene.

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"Initially the confrontation happened between the boys," said a mother of one of the boys, named only as Olga. "My 9-year-old son and his pal were out on the playground, when one of the neighboring boys approached them."

She said the boy began taunting them and throwing food. When the two 9-year-olds tried to shoo him away, that's when the furious dad ran in.

Olga said her son laid petrified on the playground until the beating stopped and he immediately ran home. The boy said he's afraid to return to the area out of fear of being hurt again and that he has trouble sleeping.

The incident took place in Krasnodar, Russia. It is unclear if the dad will face charges.

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A similar story occurred in the UK in 2016, when a 52-year-old father jumped out of his car and beat up his 14-year-old son's school bully, according to Metro.

A relative of the bully, who attends a different school, said the father jumped out of his car and punched the boy to the ground while yelling, "I'm going to kill you."

"I don’t know how long it went on for, but it must have seemed like it was going on forever for him," said the boy's relative. "He’s no angel, like any 14 year old he gets in trouble. But there is no reason for a man to beat the s**t out of him." 

"I think the wounds are just superficial, it is a traumatic experience being set upon by a full adult," the relative added. "It is not right."

Police arrested the father on suspicion of assault, and the boy was left with a suspected broken nose and other facial injuries.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro / Featured Image: Francisco Osorio/Flickr / Embedded Images: CEN via Daily Mail

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