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Dad Beats 13-Year-Old Daughter While Mother Films It (Video)

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A father beats his 13-year-old daughter as her mother records it and spews profanities in a viral video that surfaced recently.

According to online reports, the man in the video beat his daughter because of her rebellious behavior.

The young girl had apparently been missing for three days and involved with several teenage boys during her disappearance.

As her father holds her by her hair and beats her with a rod or folded belt, the daughter seems to accept the beating. The woman holding the camera, presumably the girl’s mother, spews profanities in the video.

While they express concern over her being “off in the woods dead somewhere," some speculate that they couldn’t have been too concerned, considering authorities were never alerted of the girl’s disappearance.

Since its publication, the video has accumulated 3 million views.

Sources: Inquisitir, The Root


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